My dream everyday car

imageMost peoples fantasy cars are £200k+ super cars, you know the usual, Lamborghinis, Mclarens and Ferraris (especially Ferraris). Although I would love one of those, I also like to think about what other every day cars I would hanker to own. This sector of the market is interesting, in someways more so than super cars, with super cars there are very few options and the one you desire will ultimately depend on what kind of noise it makes or what it looks like on a top trump card, but in an every day car you will most probably care more about the warranty or how comfortable the seats are, boring things like that.

Unlike most people one of my dream cars has a Skoda badge on it, I would love a superb estate. You may think I’m mad but, it has the biggest boot in its class and there’s enough room in the back seats to have a party; this more than covers the issue of everyday practicality. Another thing the czech bread van has is value if spec’d with a high level of self restraint, it also has a huge equipment list making even Mercedes-Benz worshipers would feel right at home as the range topping L&k has heated leather seats, park assist and Satellite navigation as standard.

Ok its still a Skoda and a BMW 328i would handle better and a Mercedes-Benz C220 would make more sense and ride more comfortably, but this V6 estate will beat most boy racers in hot hatchbacks and leave them at the lights speechless as they have just been ‘smoked’ by a dark beige Skoda estate. Yes this car will out drag a MK 6 Golf GTI to 60 MPH.

For a Skoda, the superb V6 performance is brilliant, its even quicker than Skoda’s own octavia VRS, 260 BHP being sent to all four wheels making it fast even when the British weather settles in; making it the ‘ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing car’. All this said if I was given £200k I wouldn’t rush down to my local Skoda dealer, but I would go to noble and order a bespoke M600 then go to a Skoda dealer after i’d realised that I couldn’t fit some flat pack furniture in the boot… or even a small bag.


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